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The purpose of this site is to give a wider publicity to Triadism as a philosophical theory.
Triadism is a theory based on the Three-World theory of Karl Popper.

I started this site as a philosopher who wrote his PhD-thesis on this three-world-theory (short: 3Wt) in 1998 and in that thesis he proposed a revision of Poppers theory (short: 3Wt-R) and as a philosopher I am still a very enthusiast triadist and preparing a book on Triadism; as a sequel to this thesis.

Triadism is a metaphysical theory stating that fundamentally, in the end, there are three kinds of irreducible entities: physical, mental and conceptual ones. So: none of these can be reduced to one of the others. In a philosophical language: triadism is meant to be a correction on the common monisms and dualisms. Or: there are three substances.
Three kinds of entities, `beings`.
Certainly no less but no more either.

Triadism is a fascinating and also a relevant and `handy` theory, because all kinds of puzzles can be analysed using a triadist framework and from a triadist point of view can be demonstrated why some puzzles are irresolvable in a very fundamental way.

This site should also serve as a platform for discussion and debate and a further development of this theory. The Dutch pages of this site have more content than this English pages.

On this site you will find:
- a summary of the theory (from my dissertation)
- a lecture on 'life-worlds', Vienna 2002
- a lecture on `mind-brain-issues`, Leiden 2006
- questions and answers